Bounce Houses and Safety

Posted by wynds | 06.25.13

Bounce Houses and Safety

Did you know that the State of Florida is one of a few states that does not require state inspections of any rental equipment and Bounce Houses?  The State of Florida also does not require any special type of license or require liability insurance to operate in the state.  However, to get on the Approved list for any of the county parks, you have to add the county to your insurance policy and submit proof to their risk management department before you can LEGALLY set up in a county park.

When looking for an Inflatable Bounce House or Inflatable Water Slide for your next party, ask these following questions from the Bounce House company you call.

1) Do you they have insurance?  If so, can you have a copy of the insurance certificate?

2) How do they clean their Bounce Houses after every rental?  Do they use a germ killing agent in between rentals?

3) Are their Bounce Houses COMMERCIAL grade units?  You can buy residential grade bounce houses from Sam’s Club online.  These bounce houses are NOT the same as a Commercial unit.  In the commercial units, the vinyl is a heavier grade, the vinyl is fire rated and the stitching is stronger.


As you comb the internet for bounce houses, you will notice a wide range of pricing.  Some companies are super expensive while others are super cheap.  If you do your research on the super cheap pricing companies, you will find that they do not carry insurance and their units are not cleaned in between every rental.  Insurance is very expensive.  Labor to deliver, set up, take down and reset up to sanitize the bounce house costs money, besides the fuel back and forth.  There is NO WAY for any company out there to do all these things and consistently charge under $100.00 for a rental while carrying Liability Insurance.

The State of Florida needs to implement a department that will regulate this industry.  Everyone wants a great price and some people don’t care if the unit has bacteria in it because it was not sanitized or if the company has insurance until someone gets sick hurt.


Remember to ask a few questions the next time you rent anything.  A few questions now and safe you a ton of headaches and/or money in long run.