Kangaroo Bouncers is a family-owned and operated Inflatable rental business located in Tampa Fl. Having children of our own, we Understand the importance of having reliable, safe and clean inflatables for your event. We ensure we service our customers with On-time, Safe and Clean Inflatable Bounce Houses, Slides and Concession equipment in the Tampa Bay area.



We are a Bounce House Company with insurance

     We carry the proper Liability Insurance for any event. If you need additional insured for a corporate, church or charitable organization we can help and its no cost to you. Simply call and speak with a representative and we can help set up the liability additional insured certificate. we carry 1 million with an aggregate of 3 million. This allows us to service any school or Public park as well as backyard parties. 
If you need a copy or "proof of insurance" please call our office and we can provide it to you. For additional insured requests, please plan for 2-3 business day turn around time. We have to submit it to our insurance and wait to get it back from them in 2-3 business days. 


Can I Have a Bounce House at a Park?

     Absolutley, Yes! Because we are Licensed and insured we have agreements with the local county and city parks. This Inlcudes the City of Tampa, Pasco county parks and recreation and Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation. There are some caveats, We cannot use the parks electricity so you will need a generator (We can provide one), At the City of Tampa Parks you will need to rent a green space that is "Bounce House Approved" and we will need to provide sandbags, because the City of Tampa does not allow stakes. If you are unsure give us a call, we know the "ins and outs" of most of the parks and schools so we can help you get everything sorted out. 

How Much Electricity does a Bounce House Use? 

        Infatables consume a very small amount of electricty to operate. A bounce house uses approximatley .805 KWTs an hour which equates out to just .13 to .18 cents an hour. You could let it run 24 hours straight and only use $4.32 for the day to operate your bounce house rental. The same goes for Water slides. Even if your unit takes 2 blowers, it only amounts to $8.64 for a full 24 hours of run time. Most parties are 6-8 hours in length, which would only cost $1.44 for your event. 

     Do I need a Generator for my Bounce House?

       It Depends, If you are holding your event at a house we can use your regular 110 outlets as long as they are within 75ft of the set up area. If you are renting at a public venue or park, yes you will need to rent a generator. We strongly recommend  6500 Running watts because of the amperage load and run times. If you only need one blower to properly inflate the unit 5500 running watts will allow you 8-10 hours on one tank of fuel. If you need 2 or more, the large running amps, the less effort the generator will use which will equate to a longer running time on one tank of fuel. 
Note:  We provide a generator with a full tank on delivery, each additional fill up is your responsibility for your event, plan accordingly. 


      How Long do I have the Bounce House Rental? 

           We rent by the day, a full day is considered 6-8 hours. We drop off and pick up same day in most cases. When giving us your start time there is no need to give us an earlier time than your actual start time. The reason is, we will deliver anywhere from 1-5 hours prior to the start of your event, pick up is done in similar fashion. We will pick up anywhere from the exact end of your event up to 5 hours after your event end time. We service a lot of parties so there is no way for us to accomodate exact delivery or pick up times, please plan for these delivery and pick up windows. We will call the evening before your event between 5:30pm and 8:30 pm to give you a window of time for delivery only. 

      Do you Require a Deposit? What if i need to cancel?

       Yes, we do require a deposit to reserve one of our inflatables. This serves two purposes, #1 you know you have secured your inflatable of choice, we will  not double book or rent your inflatable to the highest bidder. This is common practice for most inflatable companies, we dont believe that is ethical or honest. #2 Your paying a portion of your total rental cost as the deposit, it comes off your total balance and  it tells us youre committed to renting with us. Our deposits are non-refundable, however you can reschedule and apply your deposit to another event within 60 days. To cancel and reschedule it must be done 24 hours prior to your event start time to be eligible. Once we come out and set-up your inflatable there are no rainchecks, refunds or discounts. The reason is we are already commited finacially to getting that inflatbale to you.  If you are cancelling because of weather you will still need to let us know 24 hours prior to your event start time, your deposit will get saved in our system and you can call back and reschedule within 60 days. 

    Are Bounce Houses Safe? 

    Yes, Bounce Houses are relativley safe. According to studies done nationwide, most injuries occur due to improper use by the lessor. In order to ensure safety follow some simple rule for fun:
- Only allow kids of similar ages to bounce at the same time.
- No flips, acrobtics, horse-play, rough housing, wrestling, piggy back rides etc
- Only allow one person to slide at one time, ensure that they clear the pool or landing before the next person slides
- Only 4-8 children at one time bouncing, OR a weight limit of 650-800 lbs combined. No adults unless the unit is rated for adults. Bounce houses and combos are not rated for adult usage, only water slides 19 ft or taller and our joust arena. 
- Deflate your inflatable if the winds exceed 15mph, OR you see the inflatable slightly shifting in the wind. If you are unsure call us 813-765-5867
- No soaps, rafts, boogie boards, oils or any other foreign items or substances during the use of the inflatable unit. 


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